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We employ a uniquely diverse team of highly skilled individuals ensuring the quality of service received. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


With a wide range of security services to suit your needs, our team has the expertise to give you results.

When concerning your corporate, government, or personal security needs; Decisive Action provides a clear advantage. We employ teams of highly trained individuals from a variety of professional backgrounds: US armed forces veterans, law enforcement professionals, emergency medicine personnel, hand-to-hand combatives, & experienced Department of Defense contractors. This unique mix of disciplines allows us to provide clients with an unprecedented level of security that is simply unavailable from teams with single background skill sets.

Decisive Action also maintains High-Threat Security Teams and Executive Protection Details able to deploy anywhere in the United States and abroad at a moment’s notice. These professionals are adaptable, physically fit, and ready to provide discreet, secure interaction with our valued clients. This allows your schedule to be conducted freely without sacrificing security or inconvenience. We take pride in the confidence and peace of mind clients have to safely perform daily operations without disturbance.

For the past 7 years our customers have tasked us in public and private sectors to fulfill the security needs of U.S. government officials, foreign diplomats, fortune 500 executives, major news networks, church security teams, private businesses and individual families. All with consistent success and complete confidentiality.


Your needs are diverse and unique. Decisive Action provides flexible professionalism that only years of experience can provide.


  • Executive Protection Details

  • Static Security

  • Estate Security

  • High Threat Extraction Teams

  • Event/Venue Security

  • Crisis Management & Disaster Recovery

  • Workplace Violence/Employee Termination Support

  • High Value Transport

  • Asset Protection

  • Domestic Violence Support

  • Corporate Security

  • High Profile Individual, VIP, and Celebrity Security Escorts

  • EP Personal Driver Services

  • Church Security Teams


  • Corporate Security Assessments

  • Church Security Solutions

  • Licensed & Insured UAV/Drone Services

  • Private Home Crisis Planning

  • Threat Assessments

  • Surveillance

  • Investigations

  • Law Enforcement Tactics

  • Department Of Defense Training Courses

  • Private Specialized Instruction

  • Private Security Tactical Training

  • Vehicle Tactics and Hand To Hand Combative Courses